Mid-Summer Blooms

This crepe myrtle is blossoming at our public library.

Ah, the crepe myrtles are blooming.
Over my head, they’re gently looming
in lovely colors of fuchsia & white,
to brighten my day, soften my night.

Flowers in bloom give bees their existence;
For us, their brilliance is a pleasant persistence

to view & enjoy & dazzle us with beauty,
as if being lovely is their only duty

Ah, the crepe myrtles, a mid-summer’s delight;
knowing they’re back feels absolutely right!
Flowers blooming have no equal—-
Except, perhaps, Fall’s burnished leaves—a perfect sequel.

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  1. Bernice Moss Says:

    ellen sue:

    Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

    Best regards,

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