Deadline for United Farm Workers Petition

My friend Honey sent this & with crops being harvested almost everywhere, I think this bears your consideration. Thanx, ellensue

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Speak Out to Protect Farmworkers From Pesticides by Aug. 18

Did you know? Pesticide exposure causes farm workers to suffer more chemical-related injuries and illnesses than any other workforce in the nation.

EPA Comment deadline
is August 18th

Sign now!

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On Feb. 20, the Environmental Protection Agency announced proposed changes to the Worker Protection Standard, which protects workers who are exposed to pesticides. Some of the proposed changes will be beneficial to workers, and some will not. The public comment period, which ends on Aug. 18, gives you the opportunity to tell the EPA that farm workers deserve these protectionsSupport farm workers by leaving your comment now.

We depend on the nation’s farm workers to provide us with our food and nutrition. Exposure to pesticides is a daily reality for the 2.5 million farm workers who toil in our fields, orchards, and greenhouses in the U.S. Without basic protections, farm workers are at risk for both acute illness and long-term health conditions associated with these exposures. Moreover, their families endure pesticide exposure when chemicals are brought home on workers’ clothes and belongings.

Because of an exemption in federal law, farmworkers are not safeguarded by OSHA from pesticide exposure. Instead, it is the responsibility of the EPA to protect farm workers against the effects of pesticide exposure on the health of farm workers and their families. Under the WPS —even with the proposed updates — farm workers’ protections are inferior to the protections of workers in other industries.

Tell the EPA to take action now and quit pandering to corporate agribusiness. It has the authority and responsibility to protect farm workers.

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