Excellent Article on Depression in Women’s Voices for Change

I just read the most comprehensive article on dealing with depression with an integrative approach by Jane Moffett, a psychotherapist who uses every tool available. I urge you to read it. Here is the link:


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  1. Mary-Lou Meyers Says:

    I enjoyed the article, I know consciously I have been practicing much of what the author suggests. Emotional experiences are long-lived for me, and so I find that reflection on my walks and swims in the pond help me deal with the stress I encounter. Because I am sensitive to everything around me,
    including the “slights” of other people, I turn to pen to describe my inner feelings, and work out plausible solutions or at least I am able to deal with whatever confronts me on a daily basis. I remain open to new experiences, find much happiness among the young, particularly my grandchildren, who are not as cynical about life as we have become, and so we rejoice in their uninhibited contributions,
    find satisfaction in “helping” others confront problems, physical and mental that are much more challenging than mine. I find my daughter has a spiritual approach to life, and finds her daily regimen of Yoga beneficial as well as her ardent gardening, and her love for her animals, patient and responsive.

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