Earth Day, Every Day: Light Bulbs

My friend Jackie, who lives across the river in N.J., sent me this message that echoes my Earth Day, Every Day month long message. This was sent to people in Jersey, my home state, but the info is valuable for all of us in any state. Thanx, Jackie!

Join the thousands of New Jersey homeowners, businesses and municipalities that have taken advantage of incentives offered by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™. These programs provide opportunities for you to save energy, money and help protect our climate and shoreline.

Switching from traditional lighting to ENERGY STAR® certified lighting is a smart move. With energy savings of 75% or more you can save about $6 per bulb or about $14 a fixture annually on your energy bill.


Most people don’t realize that the average household can be responsible for twice the greenhouse gas emissions as the average car.

The good news is we can all be part of the solution, by taking simple steps at home to help the environment. New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program offers suggestions for actions you can take that will make a positive difference, right away and every day. Help us spread the word that energy efficiency is good for your home and good for our environment! Find out more.

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  1. hillsmom Says:

    Unfortunately, as much as I do applaud your suggestions, the new bulbs do not fit my old bathroom ceiling fixture. What to do? Get a new fixture which entail an electrician to have it installed…$$$?

    I’ll hold out for the LEDs and see if they will fit. In the meantime, I got some of the old bulbs on sale while they were still available. 8-(

    (What is “pinging”?)

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