A Toast to May by Mary Lou Meyers

Here is a lovely poem for May to post while i am away. Thanks to Mary Lou, my classmate from Douglass and my “resident poet.”

May is the hook we boast,

and hang our Winter coats,

a seamless awakening,

a green undertaking.

White sails in a sky of blue,

transparent ocean we pursue.

All of Nature propelling,

awe-inspiring, compelling.

Angels are by chance,

they own a furtive glance,

but May is the Song

that carries us along.

Pure transcendancy of trees,

fruitful blossoming of leaves.

Light is embraced,

flowers are traced.

White violets on trails,

radiant stars derailed.

The eye cannot hold

the beauty it beholds,

tulips of rarest gold.

The ear cannot resound

the cacophony of sounds,

Spring peepers rebounding,

Canada Geese grounding.

To May, our Host,

we make this Toast.


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