ANNOUNCEMENT! I am in Women’s Voices for Change*



Laundry hanging over the canal in Venice, Italy.

Dear Readers,

My persistence & patience paid off! I have been submitting articles to Women’s Choices for Change and I am finally in print My trip to Italy in 2011 has been documented in my category Travel Tales. After the trip I wrote an article about all the laundry lines I saw  all over Italy. I took 75 photos. The article can be read  by clicking on the link below this photo. Please leave a comment at the site of the article.  I am sooo excited!!

Laundry hanging at street level in Burano, a lovely island near Venice, Italy.

Link to my article:

These photos of laundry are different from the ones in the article. Remember I have 75!!!

Laundry on the diagonal in Black & White

Again—-Link to my article:

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