The Gift of Giving

Every week I receive a slew of solicitations. And in December, the solicitations come fast & furious in order to squeeze out end-of-year donations for tax purposes. Charity Navigator ( can help you sort the ‘riff’ from the ‘raff,’ although some organizations may be too small to be on their list.

Here is my “short list” of organizations that I follow and sometimes donate small amounts of money to (like $5-$10), because I think that every drop in the bucket helps! Feel free to send in your favorite charity’s website.

AAUW– American Association for University Women ( – As a college graduate I am familiar with AAUW and their work is important: research report on lower salaries for college women with same education as male grads, fighting sexual assault on and off campus, providing grants and fellowships for ongoing education, etc.

Breast Cancer Action: A great organization that goes to the root, environmental causes of cancer by companies that seem to be working without a conscience.  As their literature says: “BCAction is the watchdog for the millions of women affected by breast cancer.”

Cambodia Children’s Fund (CCF) – ( by the boss (Scott Neeson, high-powered executive) of a close friend, this organization was founded just 8 years ago to change the lives of impoverished Cambodia children. This organization is close to my heart because it shows that one person can make a huge difference.

Corporate Accountability International ( -  This organization is responsible for boycotts on abusive big corporations. This organization led the Nestle Boycott with their formula to infants, leading to malnutrition and death when mothers had no money for the formula and their milk had dried up; it led the General Electric Boycott on weapons of mass destruction; it challenged tobacco giant Philip MOorriaas to stop marketing tobacco to young people, etc. Their Corporate Hall of Shame is worth investigating.

Food and Water Watch ( This organization’s current campaign is about fracking, which affects the quality of the water in areas where shale is drilled for natural gas and accidents happen to affect water quality, a very serious situation.

Friends of the Earth ( Nother worthy environmental organization that is currently posting a petition on climate change. The campaignis called Climate Stories and is building a movement to push for solutions to this crisis.

Grassroots International ( – (from their flyer:) Since 1983, Grassroots International has worked hand in hand with grassroots organizations across the globe to promote a just food system and the human right to water, secure land rights for small farmers and producers, advocate for local solutions to the food crisis, encourage women’s and indigenous leadership, and defend human rights activists. They reject today’s industrialized food system to create a sustainable one for people and the planet.

Greenpeace ( – Their website says: Greenpeace is the largest independent direct-action environmental organization in the world. It does not take money from the US government or from corporations. Their bottom line is a green and peaceful future.

National Parks Conservation Association ( – This organization protects our “most precious natural, cultural, and historic landmarks.” By donating here, you are helping to preserve the beautiful National Parks all across the country.

The Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA International) (  is a non-profit, microfinance organization, founded by John Hatch in 1984. Sometimes referred to as the “World Bank for the Poor” and a “poverty vaccine for the planet”,[2] FINCA is the innovator of the village banking methodology in microcredit and is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of modern day micro-finance. (Wikipedia)

Mazon (  is a Jewish non-profit agency that donates food to the poor regardless of their religion or background. It is a Jewish response to hunger, giving grants to nearly 300 anti-hunger organizations, removing barriers that prevent military families from accessing food assistance programs, taking a lead to raise awareness in the Capitol about the vital importance of nutrition safety net programs, etc. I visited their offices in L.A. & they are on the “up and up.”

Rainforest Action Network ( – This organization protects the dwindling rainforests that are home to endangered animals like a orangutan and trees and plants that are helpful to humanity.

Smile Train ( is a specific to children with cleft palates Donations go to give the child a new smile and also help with eating and drinking, since cleft palates leave a gap in the palate. Their motto is “Changing the World One Smile at a Time.” Snail mail address: Smile Train, PO Box 96231, Washington, DC 20090-6231. All levels of donations are acceptable.

United Farm Workers This is the 50th anniversary of UFW, started by Cesar Chavez and is concerned with the health and well-being of its mostly Hispanic workers, who often dwell in horrible conditions while working in agricultural fields. They do our picking and yet do not receive the care they need to stay healthy. UFW logo below:

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  1. Honey Says:

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  2. Coll Says:

    The Nature Conservancy is my favorite as it has done
    extraordinary work to acquire and maintain wilderness
    and reclaim other land. Millions of acres threatened
    by degradation and incursion!!

    And of course Friends of the Earth!

    Am barraged daily by charitable requests. Would be great
    to donate to them all.


  3. ellen sue spicer Says:

    Good organization that I have posted before. Checkout my article in WOmen’s Voices for Change.
    Happy New Year!

  4. ellen sue spicer Says:

    de nada! Check out my article in Women’s Voices for Change.

  5. ellen sue spicer Says:

    I went into my editing page and fixed so the link works. Thanx for the heads up! es

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