Reflections & Transitions: Dec. ’12-Jan. ’13

I took this photo on Fri., Nov.30th, with the sun shining through the bare limbs. Even bare, I love the trees!

For the past 6 1/2 years I have been posting on Menupause, sometimes three times per week. However, I am going through a transition. Many years ago, before I owned a computer, I was a struggling freelance writer, sending articles to the few health-oriented magazines that were then in print. This was a complicated affair of photocopying and sending an SASE with every article. I finally abandoned that and turned to writing cookbooks. (See MY BOOKS)

Now I am in the process of gathering all my rhymes into a notebook. While doing that I came across essays and articles that I wrote and never published or put in a small newsletter I printed when I had a health food store. Now that email makes submitting easier, I plan to attempt freelancing again, which will cut down on the number of times I post on Menupause. If I do have an article published, I will announce that.

Above is a photo of my family and me in California, celebrating my 75th birthday the week-end of Thanksgiving. (My actual birthday isn’t until Sunday, but I already feel I celebrated.) Being together with my children put me in a reflective mode, which I will share soon. I think I have entered “middle old age” and that is a cause for reflection. (I’m in front with the ruffled scarf.)

During the next two months I plan to catch upon my reading and review several books, including one on quilting, one on essays about peace, and a few food books. I received several books (mostly gifts)  in the last couple of months or so and I think that most of them are worthy of review. So be prepared for multiple book reviews!

I spent Thanksgiving day in Berkeley with part of my family and joined the rest in San Luis Obispo (family photo above). I asked my youngest daughter if she had a lemon I could use to make lemon juice and water in the morning. To my surprise, she sent me to the back yard of her apartment (in a house) and picked fresh lemons from a year-round producing lemon tree. What a treat! And the lemons are juicy! I put a few in my suitcase and hope to feature a recipe or two with lemons. The photo below are the actual lemons I brought back with me.

With the Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and Solstice holidays coming, you may be too busy to read my postings.  This is one reason I am grouping both months together, so you won’t feel pressured to keep up.  You can use January to catch up, since that is generally a month that everyone seems to avoid after the hype of the holidays.

Whatever your plans, take it slow and enjoy family, friends, good food and good spirits!

P.S. There were still a few trees with brilliant leaves before I left for California. There were also lovely trees there,  just beginning to turn. Here is one I took at home before leaving. I just can’t let go of Fall!

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