PACT Clothing: Earth Day Every Day

May 25th, 2018

NOTE: I did this over because the pictures bled too far over my right hand margin.

I received an email from PACT, an online organic clothing
store that I find good quality organic items @ reasonable prices.
I received this a few days ago, but recycling is an ongoing process for
many of us, so I believe the offer of money is still good.

P.S: Because the photos from my email bled over other text on my site,
I am eliminating the original photo I posted and asking you to go to Check for coupons.

Here is a photo directly from their website:

The yoga pants I purchased a few months ago wear like iron! es

Spring Season Foods from Comestible Journal+

May 18th, 2018


Comestible Journal published  the list for foods in season. Here it is, reproduced with permission:




broccoli rabe

dandelion greens

fava beans






mustard greens

pea shoots

purple sprouting broccoli





spring onions




In typing this list, I realize that I have already purchased and eaten almost all of these items, except for nettles (an herbal plant), morels, purple broccoli, ramps*, and sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes), so now my goal is to search for these and add them to my salads and main dishes.

This is an interesting challenge for me, since I love veggies and am curious about the ones I have not tried. I already posted a recipe using arugula (salad) Here is that link:  follow and just published asparagus (soup) Link follows:, and if you go to my Recipe Index.

*I thought I would explain what these three are and when I Googled the first word, an article from the Smithsonian came up with a photo (above). Here it is:

Morels are a kind of mushroom, ramps are called wild leeks, while fiddleheads are fronds of young ferns. Please go to the link for more information.

Happy Spring Shopping!


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